Land tchat. a reader that is ybl distributed to us, screenshots of their conversations on Whatsapp together with ex-girlfriend, whom apparently, is currently married and has now a youngster child

Land tchat. a reader that is ybl distributed to us, screenshots of their conversations on Whatsapp together with ex-girlfriend, whom apparently, is currently married and has now a youngster child

pocohantas:Foolish, cheating woman. The spouse believes he’s got hitched a submissive wife, being unsure of she actually is an undercover olosho.

This is the case with many Nigerian marriages on a more serious note. Some women invest almost all their prime, dating somebody of the age. It generally does not work normally. Whenever man is wanting to construct a life, the girl has already been in her own belated twenties.

Everybody else begins asking her “when do you want to give us a call for asoebi?” . She begins pressure that is putting the man in which he’ll state “I’m maybe perhaps maybe not keeping you, if you notice some body good. get, i shall want you well”.

Therefore, she starts hunting for somebody else, normally a mature guy. She views one and marries him ASAP, he sef is getting ‘old’ and simply want to begin a family group. Thy are both hitched, but will they be delighted? It is a cycle that is vicious. I do not guidance girls up to now their mates. Many times, ladies marry up and guys marry down. Never hurry into marriages simply to cheat on your own husbands.

Individuals saying this woman isn’t cheating, can it be until she climbs into their sleep? If you notice your husband/wife, telling an ex they nevertheless love all of them with passion. You will state it is not cheating ? This really is psychological cheating. If the man presses further, it is just a matter of the time

Poca poca, sometimes you are in the character, in other cases eh dont understand what takes over u

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Therefore if u experience a pre wedding thread of a guy 51 with woman 24 u will dancing and state abi that is good? U will form epistle saying the person has utilized their girls and went for a new one, abeg remainder with ur formula

everyone shld do whatever they may do, life just isn’t effortless, no body can prepare the life that is perfect in the long run na Jesus

Nbote:D man can be an idiot. There is nothing in d talk to suggest d woman under consideration nevertheless craves for him. Na d man also initiate d chat self. There is nothing in d talk dat demonstrates d woman nevertheless desires to continue d relationship with him. She also prays for him to locate a gud girl and to cease jumping around and settle down. How come he nevertheless messaging their ex since he understands she actually is hitched?? And today he also went ahead to leak their talk.

The crux is not age, nevertheless the undeniable fact that girls gets impatient quicker. The man is not constantly prepared as a result of the explanation you have also cited. monetary security.

Older guys are more economically stable as compared to more youthful people. They usually have the relative mind start. These girls marry them for economic safety.

Which is why. you are right and I also have always been maybe maybe not incorrect either. Older is subjective plus in regards to the girl’s age. I do not actually suggest ancestors. Yes, we constantly think you are trolling

You are right about once you understand if some guy is severe, you should be aware just just how most relationships work. Whenever intercourse is included, some women view it as staking a lot of, helps it be harder to help keep walking away.

observe how u dey lawyer every thing, a mature guy will perhaps maybe perhaps not make a female cum like a more youthful guy

A mature guy is not presentable just like a more youthful guy

A mature guy would understand her trends nt or jokes

A mature guy will be needing her to operate more within the home, is the fact that great for feminist?

A mature man will need a child that is male

An adult guy will carry her like a secured asset because he suffered to obtain their cash on their own

An adult guy will maybe not pay attention to her, that he is older because he knows

I love smart girls and u dey try but ur hypocrisy eh get as e be

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